"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

~Coco Chanel

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Animals like me don't talk anyway.

And so, my dears, this brutal thing called high school ensues. Scary thought. Orientation was today, meaning we got to go to each class for 5 minutes, while the teachers droned on about how much fun that particular class would be. Every word they spoke, I became more convinced that I am going to be so insanely bored. And then I sort of had to tone down my wardrobe for the day (and probably will have to keep doing so for the next couple weeks) so that I can meet people before my clothes scare them off.

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've busy watching Lost, the best show known to man. I know, I know, television rots the mind, but it's hard not to like Lost. Something about that title sequence, when Lost just sort of floats in like a Hermes scarf taken by the wind. It gives me the shivers. And then Jess wants me to watch Degrassi, so I'm just going to have no social life whatsoever until I finish every single episode of both series.

Anyhow. I'm planning on doing another fashion show post, and I'll have the next addition to In this quixotic world everything is sparkly, so once that's up you'll have to come back and check it out.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Then you came and changed it all, doll.

I have an incredible shopping craving. It's insane. I need more shoes. Desperately.

Oh, and my newest obsessions? Detachable collars. If you say you don't like them, you're just lying to yourself. They're impossible not to like.

Images courtesy of Etsy.com and Bebe. Speaking of Bebe, I must say I adore her. She reminds me of Tavi in more ways than one. Maybe it's just the cross obsession, but they do seem to give off some of the same vibes. Bebe's somewhat gothic style sort of contradicts my own more floaty flower child in an antique store style, but it's still incredibly enjoyable to see her outfits. I often focus on that beautiful ornate pink couch in the background of all her outfit photos. I wish I had one. Alas, I don't think that would fit in my room. I think I'll live, however.

Sorry if my posts are a little bit all over the place and unplanned the next couple weeks. I'm busying myself with last minute summer reading, clothes shopping, writing, back to school get togethers with friends, tennis, and then getting used to started high school as a whole. It's going to be crazy.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Origami hearts.

Strange story of the day;
I went into Pick and Save today in order to pick up a copy of Harper's Bazaar. (one of my favorite magazines. Remind me to get a subscription.) So, I'm at the magazine wall trying to find it, and I just can't. It took me five minutes, before I found it, hidden behind the overlap of Astro Girl and Tiger Beat. It took all of my will power to keep myself from screaming in terror and running while flapping my arms.

Sorry for the no-post. My parents decided last week would be absolutely excellent for a trip up north to Door County. I've heard it's the Cape Cod of the midwest, but I've never been there, so don't quote me. It's very beautiful up there, but I've been there so many dang times, it has just lost it's appeal. Plus, I didn't have internet access. Not fun.

So, I got some comments on my 'fashion inspiration' post, so I'm assuming you guys enjoyed it. I'm planning on making another one (with different photographs, of course), but be patient, as it's borderline impossible to find all of the photographs that I need.

By the way; I feel like I have some pychic ability to predict HB's 'what's in' items. Earlier this summer, they said oxfords were in. I had just bought a pair. This month, they say, and I quote, 'vintage influenced finishing touches.' Is that not me exactly, or is the me exactly? That's what I thought!

Sorry for the no-pictures, but I figured I owed this blog an update. More soon. I'll be swimming in inspiration this week, as I will be attending a writing camp at Ten Chimnies. If you don't know it, and you live in Wisconsin, you need to go. It's the home of the deceased actress Lynne Fontanne and Alfred Lunt, who were stage actors back in the black-and-white days.

Hey, look! Pictures!

I couldn't find anything decent of the interior of the main house, but it's very much that old time glamour. Embellished white baby grand pianos, pink and gold chairs, more crown molding than you would believe, crystal chandeliers, and the like.

The grounds look rather drab in these photographs, but when we're there, they are full of excellent flower beds. Could you think of a better place to write? No. I think not.

And consequently, one of my good friends is related to Alfred Lunt! Who would have thought, hmm?